Hair and scalp problems?

The diagnosis and non-medical treatment of problems dealing with the hair and scalp, nutrition being the most important factor of healthy hair growth.

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Expert analysis

The hair and scalp are subject to microscopic analysis before a recommendation is made to the proposed course of treatment.

Professional service

You are always in the hands of a professional and no slip shod styling techniques would undo the benefits of the treatment received.

Proactive care

Advice is given as to how one can better care for the hair themself without having to come to the salon on a frequent basis.

What is a consultation?

Trichoclinic provides professional trichology services for all hair and scalp problems.
Before a patient is treated, the Trichologist will conduct a Consultation with the patient so as to diagnose the root of the hair or scalp problem and to formulate an appropriate customised treatment regime to address with the specific complaint or condition.

Consultations are scheduled only by prior appointment and can last from forty five minutes to one hour. During this process, the Trichologist extracts pertinent information from the patient. This includes diet and lifestyle, which would aid in an accurate diagnosis of the problem. The patient must also be prepared to give details as to the last chemical treatment that might have been done to the hair and or scalp and as to the hair care products currently in use.

Depending on the Trichologist’s findings, the patient may be required to seek further medical tests e.g. blood work. However, if it is necessary for treatment to be administered immediately, every effort will be made to provide this service.

At the end of the Consultation, the Trichologist will offer an explanation as to the probable cause of the physical manifestations of the patient’s condition and make recommendations to alleviate or improve the problem, including a change in diet, hair care or, in some cases, a referral to a medical doctor.

Microscopic Analysis

All Trichological treatments include a detailed examination of the hair and scalp. The hair is first analysed with a hand held microscope where the condition of the follicle and scalp is noted. The following may be detected at this stage:

  • Dandruff and flaking

  • Open follicles

  • Oiliness

  • Inflammation

  • Redness

  • Hair shaft anomalies

Images of these physical manifestations are then captured and examined in greater detail.


Scalp Treatment

The main objective of a scalp mask is to exfoliate the scalp i.e. to remove dead skin cells on the scalp formed by product build-up, sebum and other pollutants which stick to the hair and scalp.

In addition, a scalp mask stimulates, refreshes and cleans the scalp.

Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage relaxes the patient and aids in reducing stress. It boosts circulation of the blood which feeds the hair with oxygen and nutrients such as protein.

When used in conjunction with other scalp treatments, a Scalp Massage aids in the penetration of such treatments.

Hair Shaft Treatment

Special attention is paid to strengthening the hair shaft by application of formulated conditioners prior to the massage and steam treatment.

Vapour Steaming

Vapour Steaming adds moisture to dull dry hair thereby reducing breakage and hair loss. It also assists in the removal of drandruff and flakes.

The moist heat helps to soften the crust or scalp scale and aids in the penetration of other hair treatments.

Infra-Red Heat

This is used to improve superficial blood circulation and cell metabolism.

Infra-Red Heat provides topical heating of scalp tissue and promotes the absorption of scalp treatments.

Laser Hair Loss Therapy

Clinically proven technology - A low level laser uses light energy which increases hair growth due to improved blood supply to the hair follicles stimulated by the red light in the laser.

Jennifer Maynard-Jaimungal IAT/WTS

Jennifer Maynard-Jaimungal has been a Cosmetologist and certified Educator and Technical Expert in Beauty Culture for the past ten years. Her technical expertise has also been sought after in the development and review of the Beauty Culture syllabi for technical/vocational schools in Trinidad and Tobago.

Her involvement in cosmetology and science served as an impetus for better knowledge and understanding of hair care and hair care products and so the search for answers began. In 2004, after the successful completion of all modules required by the International Association of Trichology (IAT) under the supervision of Dr. David Kingsley, Ms. Maynard-Jaimungal attained internationally recognised certification in trichology.

The clinical part of the programme featured microscope work, clinical procedures, and consultation practice. Students were required to attend clinics in Uptown Manhattan (Park Avenue), Downtown Manhattan (Soho), and Staten Island and provided the opportunity to examine a variety of hair, hair loss and scalp conditions and to interact with patients in a meaningful way.

The structure of the IAT programme, with its detailed syllabus and hands on clinical training has provided Ms. Maynard-Jaimungal with a rich foundation on which to build her career in trichology. She readily diagnoses most hair and scalp conditions and can formulate and administer customised treatments and recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to address patients' complaints.

At the Trichoclinic, Ms. Maynard-Jaimungal treats patients suffering from a variety of hair and scalp problems including hair breakage, hair loss or thinning, chemical hair damage, baldness, itching scalp and psoriasis.


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